Visual Diary

Double-U 3

DOUBLE-U 3, Opening on July 20th, 6 p.m.
Exhibition runs from 21st until 23rd of July
Come over!


I took a picture of HAJ300, who is playing at Norberg Festival in Sweden!
Check this out!


China, 中国

dear all,

i took a couple days off and traveled to china to clear my head. to get new ideas. to eat.
fortunately the selection is already finished and the retouching can start.

xx k.

China, Shenyang - Kim Bode


Wonder why?

You’ve probably wondered why I was so silent in the last couple of weeks. Well I’ve been working on an application folder for an university.
This is one of the pictures I’ve taken for it.


BUT (and in this case i love my „but“-sentence) I will update you with a new series very soon!

Artipelago with A. and K.




hate less. love more.

hate less. love more.

Next week I’m going to take photos for the non-profit campagne „hate less. love more.“.
We want to let every LGBT*I* person know that their love, minds and identities are beautiful. And that for every government that speaks against them, there are thousands who shout in support for them. Bags and shirts are sold to raise money for the non-profit organization “Coming out. St.Petersburg” – 100% of the proceeds will be donated. We want to show our moral support and let everyone know that we care.

Support the campaign! Portraits of everyone who wants to share the message will be taken and then shown on the new webpage. Everyone will be wearing our new shirt on the photos. Add your greetings or statement to Russia and the rest of the world.

The photo shooting will presumably take place in a studio at Eisenacher Str. next saturday. Nice people, infinite thanks and the knowledge of doing something good are waiting for you. Of course you get a digital version of your portrait as well.

Who’s in? Bring your friends!
[Update: No more people needed. Love love love!]


Polydistortion Series X the CLUB

Surprise surprise!

It’s been a while since the last exhibition.
But now you’ll get another chance to have a chat, a drink,
a dance and a look at my polydistortion series.

come by. step a long and take a drink (with me).

p.s. check out the facebook or arconnect event!



Hi again,

some of you may seen my post on Facebook already. So, now it’s time to reveal the pictures that I’ve taken while visiting Uk’s capital last springtime. It is more the architectural point of view and thats actually also what I’ve been looking at the most. Buildings and exhibitions. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the South Banks Centre while the Lightshow was up and which was definitely a must see for me.

Well, see for your self what I have seen.



Social Networking

Have you already seen my facebook page? There I post some small news every now and then
of my latest assisting jobs and my latest projects. I’d be happy to collect your thumb!

P.s.: Next week there will be something new in here too. Stay tuned. (And check facebook!)