Polydistortion Series X the CLUB

Surprise surprise!

It’s been a while since the last exhibition.
But now you’ll get another chance to have a chat, a drink,
a dance and a look at my polydistortion series.

come by. step a long and take a drink (with me).

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Hi again,

some of you may seen my post on Facebook already. So, now it’s time to reveal the pictures that I’ve taken while visiting Uk’s capital last springtime. It is more the architectural point of view and thats actually also what I’ve been looking at the most. Buildings and exhibitions. Unfortunately I wasn’t allowed to take pictures at the South Banks Centre while the Lightshow was up and which was definitely a must see for me.

Well, see for your self what I have seen.



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The Blind Spot

The ◌ Group is concerned with the biological ◌ of the blind spot. As you can see, or not, with many ◌ , ◌ is not only about making the blind spot visible, but rather it’s about the effect of the blind spot. Specifically, the fact that this invisible part is supplemented by the visible part, thus the subjectivity of the ◌ improves.

Using the medium which is closest to the human ◌ , the artists define both the biological preconditions as well as reality as ◌ . The fact that the blind spot in the ◌ of a hole, which, seen as ◌ , it actually is, poses the question:

What is ◌ ?

Berlin Concerthall


Model: Anna Böttke
Fashion | Styling: Viktoria Filipina


The Polybook

As another feature to the Polydistortion series this book contains every picture of the series plus a wide range of pictures of people dancing, laughing, the enjoyment of life, moments of daylight and nighttime which should give an insight of what Polydistortion stands for.

32 pages, black|white and color pictures
text (originally in german) by Konstantina Levi
ecological recycled paper
Limited Edition of 100 books

Get one now for:
unsigned: 8€
signed: 10€


Interested? Write to: info@kimbode.com!



on the border of berlin we’ll find great spaces of dust and stone
for several decates already the industrial estates of lime works are facing the sun
loud noices of stone crushers, assembly lines and trucks accompanied my adventure for several days

Blow Up

Models: Christian Kopp, Julia Knop, Anna Böttke
Hair | Make-Up: Sabrina Höhne
Fashion | Accessories: Stiefelkombinat Berlin, photographers own